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Active Holidays – Getting your exercise on the Road

What moves you? Some say that a photo is worth a thousand words…well, an annotated photo must be worth a million!  I came across this photo, most likely on Facebook, ages ago, and it stopped me in my tracks.  My life has changed a lot of the last few years.  I used to join the … Continue reading

Dog Sledding – the exhilaration of a day with the dogs

Dog Sledding in Otter Lake, Quebec – the exhilaration of a day with the dogs Imagine getting out of your car to the excited sounds of sled dogs howling with anticipation, their excitement beyond palpable!  Your heart skips a beat and your breath speeds up as you know what is to come!  Welcome to Escapade-Eskimo … Continue reading

Waiting for the snow to fall

Waiting for the snow to fall – Gatineau Park To buy a ski pass or to not buy a ski pass…this is the question we ponder as we sit in Starbucks, contemplating the weather forecast and lack of snowfall.  The deadline to buy discounted season ski passes for Gatineau Park’s 200 kms of groomed trails … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Cycle Touring in Europe

Walking around Split, I came across these touring bikes within the walls of the Diocletian Palace. Took me back to the days of cycling across Canada!  Carefree summer days pedalling across the country. Brings back great memories. Happy Monday Morning.

Monday Morning Series: World Masters Games – Australia

The World Masters Games, Sydney Australia.  The Games promote lifelong competition, friendship and understanding between people in the world of sport, regardless of their background or skill level. Participants in the World Masters Games represent themselves rather than their country. The competition promotes a festival atmosphere, keeping to the motto “fit, fun and forever young” … Continue reading

The Color Run – New England

Welcome to the Happiest 5K on the planet – welcome to the New England Color Run! Nothing prepared me for the scene that unfolded as we walked to the start area for the 5K New England Color Run.  11,000 people registered for the event and bus loads of runners dressed in white were being unloaded … Continue reading

The Thrills and Chills of PBP

PBP – Paris Brest-Paris – an epic feat of endurance, courage and sometimes a little crazy – I did it in 2007 and am happy to say:  I survived the thrills and chills of PBP! What is PBP you ask?  PBP is the most famous long-distance randonnée: 1200 kms (745 miles) done in a maximum of … Continue reading

Paris Brest Paris

Paris Brest Paris – the most prestigious of amateur cycling events, happens but once every four years.  It is a test of endurance that can challenge even the most seasoned of riders!  At times, it is the most seasoned of riders who are best equipped for the hardships of PBP as in the sport of … Continue reading

Monday Morning Series: Tour de France fever

Tour de France fever is here – every day there seems to be new excitement as the riders make their way to Paris.  For the avid cyclist, cycling in France is like a dream…. In 2010, we rode our own tour de France, sampling all the region had to offer.  The last day of cycling … Continue reading

UCI Grand Prix Cyclists au Canada

The Tour de France – the most revered of the Grand Tours, a pinnacle of bike racing and the ultimate physical challenge as the riders cycle 3,497 kms around France.  For 21 days, the cameras of the world are on France as the greatest bike race passes amazing chateaux, beautiful landscapes and the breathtaking, lung … Continue reading

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