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Les Jardins de Laribal – Barcelona

A respite from the heat and crowds of Barcelona, why not take a stroll through the gardens of Laribal and enjoy the stunning views.

We discovered the gardens on our walk to the Barcelona Olympic Park – truly a hidden gem with shaded walks and stunning views.

Enjoy the wafting scents of wisteria as you look over the city.

If time permits, a relaxing stroll and visit to the Laribal Gardens is a great way to relax in such a vibrant and bustling city.

While in Barcelona, we stayed at the Hotel Lloret, on La Rambla.  Les Jardins de Laribal was only a short walk away.

About Anita Mac

The bucket list just keeps growing! The more I cross off - the more exciting new destinations and activities I find! I have been fortunate enough to travel a considerable distance over the years. My love of many things, including travel, cycling, kayaking and photography fit together like hand and glove. I have to keep asking myself....where to next? I am happy to share my travels and photography through my blogs: http://traveldestinationbucketlist.com and http://anitamacphotos.wordpress.com Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! On to the next adventure!


24 thoughts on “Les Jardins de Laribal – Barcelona

  1. Love the building in the background!

    Posted by Photography by Gisele Morgan | April 20, 2012, 9:47 am
  2. Beautiful pictures!!!

    Posted by Virginia | April 20, 2012, 10:01 am
  3. Oh this is on my Bucket List for sure. Someday…. in the mean time, thank you for taking me with you on your adventure. ~Franny

    Posted by oregonsmiles | April 20, 2012, 11:05 am
    • My pleasure Franny. You are welcome to join me on all my adventures! Hope you are able to get over there some time soon – it is so beautiful. I have so many new places on my Bucket List that I hope to visit, but I really do want to come back here – I only skimmed the surface!

      Posted by Anita Mac | April 21, 2012, 3:49 pm
  4. Great Place to Stroll – loving your pictures! Have a Great Weekend:)

    Posted by cravesadventure | April 20, 2012, 1:47 pm
  5. This looks like an absolutely breaktaking place to visit, Anita. I love the stonewall in that last shot!

    Posted by orples | April 20, 2012, 8:46 pm
  6. Love the 2nd shot :)

    Posted by 2 Rivers Photos | April 20, 2012, 9:31 pm
  7. I love all the stone work!

    Posted by readytochangenow | April 21, 2012, 8:58 am
  8. love the photos

    Posted by terry1954 | April 21, 2012, 10:23 am
  9. I haven’t been there while I was in barcelona but it sure looks beautiful!

    Posted by Mina Mahrous | April 21, 2012, 1:59 pm
  10. Awesome photos. Looks so peaceful…

    Posted by Jodi | April 21, 2012, 2:13 pm
  11. Wow. It looks gorgeous!

    Posted by tlbflowllc | April 21, 2012, 4:23 pm
  12. I haven’t made it to Barcelona… yet. It’s definitely on the list. I’ve only done Southern Spain – Sevilla, Granada, Algeciras. I hear Catalonia is a whole different culture.
    I nominated you for an award because I love bucket lists.

    Posted by byronjdkerr | April 22, 2012, 5:35 am
    • I would love to make it out to Southern Spain – I love the spanish culture – it really feels great to wander the streets, enjoy the food and soak up the atmosphere. I could spend an entire summer and leave wanting more.

      Posted by Anita Mac | June 11, 2012, 11:17 am


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